live music.

I went to the Independent the other night with Emilie and Tracy, where Benjamin Francis Leftwich was the opener for the Jezabels. I wasn’t familiar with him, but I’m a a big fan now. 

Old Photographs

I came across some old photographs of the SF earthquake on, Haighteration and then since NY is on my mind I found old photographs on HUH. I thought the photos were pretty cool and started looking into other archives of old photos. I came across a site called Old S.F. that is pretty amazing. It’s an interactive map of SF where you can adjust the years (1850 – 2000) to show locations that have photographs from all different years. It’s worth checking out.
1890 view of the cliff house (via Old SF

SF 1906 fire (via Old S.F.)
SF 1906 quake at Broderick and Oak St., right by my house (via Haighteration)
New York 1900’s:
via HUH
via HUH

NY 1898 ice skating in central park