new to me.

while wondering the city today with my friend fauve i came across a couple things that were worthwhile. it’s possible that i’m behind the times. but here it goes…
1. cake pops – simply a bite of cake on a stick.

2. a dirty ashtray – just to be clear this involves beer. not cigarettes. it goes a little something like this…

     step one: unopened hamms
     step two: hot sauce poured on top
     step three: salt and pepper added
     step four: a small piece of lime squeezed on top 
     step five: drinker opens can right after the lime is squeezed
     step six: drink

wild right?

3. a book called: atlas of remote islandswe stopped in revolver where i saw this book. it has fifty essentially unknown island where the author judith schalansky writes description of each. really you have to look through the book to see how great it is.

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